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10 ideas for keeping fit and healthy!

  1.    PE with Joe Wicks at 9am is a great way to keep fit and feel energised throughout the day.  The videos are available throughout the day if you miss them at 9am.  My favourite moves are Spiderman and Reach for the Stars! (Another similar daily option is Jump Start Johnny also available on Youtube.)
  2.    Cosmic Yoga engages children with a range of interactive adventures that build strength, balance and  confidence through story-telling. It is great for children and adults alike!  Why not try Yoga in the style of Harry Potter or the Gruffalo?
  3.   Get ready to hit the dance floor! Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s actually fun. It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination. Dancing for 30 minutes burns between 130 and 250 calories, about the same as jogging.
  4.   Go Noodle is a fun and inspiring ways to get kids learning through movement and mindfulness.  The videos turn screen time into active time and can keep us healthy even when we have to be indoors.  There are also lots of curricular activities such as designing your own lunch plate or a healthy food scavenger hunt.
  5.    The NHS Change4Life website has some fantastic indoor and outdoor games to keep your family healthy over the next few weeks.  One of my favourite games is the Jack Jack Shapeshifter game which is one of many ways to stay active indoors.  They also have some tasty meal ideas such as homemade pizza and super scrambled eggs for all of the family to get involved in making.  Who said too many cooks spoilt the broth?
  6.   Hand washing is the best way to protect yourself and others from illnesses and germs.  Why not learn a new hand washing song to teach your family?  I have been practising the Gangham Style one at home with my children.  Let us know if you have anymore!  Remember it must be at least 20 seconds long.
  7.    Ever wondered how much sugar is in your fave cereal or how much salt is in your pasta sauce? Find out with the new Food Scanner app.  The Food Scanner app is here to help you and your family make healthier food and drink choices.  Why not make some healthier food choices over the next few weeks and design a poster to inform other children about the amount of salt and sugar in a range of food products.
  8.   Fancy learning something new?  The BBC have a range of videos online to learn how to street dance.  Although I am not very good at it yet, I am going to keep practising!  Why not learn a new routine or choreograph your own?
  9.    The haka is a traditional Māori war dance or war cry that was originally used before a battle. It was used as a display of a tribe’s strength and togetherness.  Watch the video above, learn the moves and join in with a haka performed by the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team.
  10.   Finally, get a good night’s sleep!  Research shows that children who get the right amount of sleep have improved physical and mental health and well-being.  CBeebies have a variety of 8 hour sounds to fall asleep to.  For older children, Headspace also have some great mindfulness videos and audio tracks to help children (and adults) nod off.