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10 ideas to be musical.

  1. Create your own orchestra! Collect junk or use recycling from around the house (make sure it is clean!) and use it to create your own instruments. Challenge yourself to create untuned (instruments that make beats like a drum) and tuned instruments (instruments that play a note like a guitar or piano. Here is a link to 10 ideas you can try:
  2. Write a song! Use a tune that you know very well such a Twinkle, twinkle and write your own lyrics to create a song of your own. Challenge yourself to write lyrics for longer and more complicated songs.
  3. Make a songbook! Find the lyrics to your favourite songs and create a songbook of your top 10 tunes! You could expand this to include a contents page, index, biographies of your favourite singers etc…and decorate it with images. LyricFind has words for thousands and thousands of songs so you will never run out. This video link shows one way you might do it but be creative!
  4. Sing a song everyday-Brighten up the house with a sing-along! Sing a song you have learned in school or one you know-sing together while you eat, cook, do some learning etc…If you are singing together, try singing a song in parts-This is Me is a brilliant song for this.   Keala Settle – This Is Me (Lyrics video) The Greatest Showman at › watch
  5. Make music for your favourite story. Choose a storybook that you love and create a sound-map like the picture below to go with the events in the story. You could draw picrtures of the book with your soundmap or even try to perform the sounds while a family member reads it!
  6. Chrome music lab- If you can get onto the internet, Chrome Music Lab is a totally free online app that lets you write tunes, explore sounds, record you own sounds and lots more. There are 50 ideas here for you to try-
  7. Create a music quiz-Create a quiz about music for your family to play. It could be about things you have learned in school (dynamics, rhythm, famous composers etc…) or make a listening quiz by playing short clips of songs as you try to be the first to guess what it is!
  8. Create and film a dance for your favourite song-come up with your own moves or learn a dance from youtube (using Just Dance). Learn it with your family to make a group dance! This link takes you to 128 songs on youtube: › playlist
  9. Create art from music- Listen to a piece of music really carefully and think about how fast and loud it is, whether there are high or low sounds and try to paint the rhythms and the sounds you hear with different colours and shapes.
  10. Create an alphabet of famous musicians. A real challenge! Try and create an alphabetical list of famous musicians starting with each letter of the alphabet! They can be singers, members of a group, composers etc…as long as their job is musical. To make it look good, you could decorate the start of each letter. This link shows you how you can make your own illuminated writing (which was used by the Romans!):