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Birthday Celebrations- changes

Hello parents/ carers,

We have come to the decision to stop all cakes/ sweets/ treats from being brought into school for your child’s birthday. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Parent complaints about the sugar intake
  • Inequality in being able to afford treats
  • Time that it takes to sort and give out (taking away from teaching)
  • Children arguing about the treats
  • Time pressures for parents
  • Allergies in school

Therefore, when it is a child’s birthday we have decided that they can come into school in their own clothes (badges etc are allowed), we will then sing happy birthday to them on this day and they will get a little treat (non-edible) and card from school. We will make a fuss of them.. don’t you worry! And it saves you having to rush around and pay for things to give out.


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