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Blue Class at Pony Wood

We went on about a fifty metre walk from the start to Pony Wood in Millennium Orchard and half way through the walk we got a card with different colours and shapes to get us into Pony Wood. It was like a little ticket to give you permission to enter Pony Wood. Whilst we were there we were told by Tony, a guy who looks after the orchard, never to tell a secret near wheat because they have many ears to hear you and the secret will spread across the field really quickly.

We went on a tree and leaf hunt and saw a gold and green spider on an Ash Tree. We had questions and in the top left corner was a number and we had to find that number on a tree but me and Callum were struggling to find our number but it was right in the main part where we had our lunch. We had to count how many circles were in a log, each circle means one year so you can tell how old the tree was. We counted fifty circles in a Sycamore log. Do you think you can get three hundred year old trees?
Someone dumped an old sofa in the food area near the camp fire but a man came and carried it away on his head! He was about fifty years old and really strong. It is bad to dump rubbish because the fibre could hurt wildlife. We did a sketch of the landscape and we saw a lake called Brook Pond.

Our favourite bits were sketching the landscape, learning about nature and looking for the number 9 on the trees before realising there was a big big clue on our cards.

It was great learning about Nature and how to look after it. If there were no trees we would struggle to breathe because plants take in Carbon Dioxide.





One thought on “Blue Class at Pony Wood”

  1. newtonmiss says:

    I wish I could have come with you, it sounds like an exciting and educational morning. You can get trees that are three hundred years old- and there are some that are even older! Maybe you could look up on the Internet, the oldest tree in the world and let us know?
    I loved how enthusiastic you all were about your day and your sketches were so carefully detailed.
    It’s great having so much wildlife so near the city but a shame about the sofa. I’m glad it was cleared away by the strong man.

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