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Amazing Facts about Lancaster Castle by Jack and Maaz

Did you know that the prisoners in Lancaster Castle had to do extra exercise if they were naughty? The castle was built with stone and there were small holes to protect the people firing arrows in the castle at the enemy.  There were holes called murder holes that you poured boiling water through right on to the enemy and you can still see cannon fire on the walls outside!


It was very rusty when we first when we went inside and the walls were full of broken stuff. The rooms were dark and the chains were so hard to pick up. There was a statue on the castle of John O’ Gaunt.

We liked it because there were such dark rooms and the fact there were lots of tangled wires on the walls. There was a dark dungeon and a light dungeon. We liked the dark one and wanted to be trapped in it. We would smash our way out with an axe!

Some prisoners died because they were very old and the witches had to eat witch food like bread and potion. We think they were just pretending to be witches. Some prisoners had to eat eyeballs in stew. That would be yuck!



One thought on “Amazing Facts about Lancaster Castle by Jack and Maaz”

  1. newtonmiss says:

    I loved the way you asked so many questions about the castle on our trip, Maaz. Walking around the castle really made history come alive but I felt sad hearing so many tragic tales about its dark past.

    Jack, you especially liked learning about its recent history and how people have tried to escape.

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