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Borwick Year 6

Whilst it was a wet and dreary day, we didn’t let that get us down. Miss Johnson and Mrs Powell’s groups began on the water with teams of children racing down the canal in their canoes. They were tasked with different missions using their paddling skills, teamwork and communication.

Firstly, children needed to race around the canoe (whilst on the water) to get back to their original spot; playing ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and jump’ in the boat; and using the canoes as slides into the canal.  Miss Chisnall’s group were climbing the sky pole: so many brave and courageous children managed to climb up and some even managed to jump off the top. Well done! We then had a go at archery and showed our fantastic skills. Junior showed his brilliant ability to hit the centre of the target repeatedly. Great work everyone.

In the afternoon, the teams swapped over. Miss Chisnall’s group thoroughly enjoyed working as a team to get under the bridge in their canoes BACKWARDS and showed great teamwork with their steering and speed. This earned them the ability to jump, slide and splash to their heart’s content. The other groups showed their skills whizzing up the sky pole, posing as they were brought down and hitting the targets! A great day was had by all.