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Bring Yer Wellies

The children in Yellow Class had an amazing day at Bring Yer Wellies which linked with our Science based topic! Melissa and Nigel were our hosts and they introduced us to two horses called Barney and Ricky who we loved. When we got there we had a play in the sandpit, making tunnels for toy cars to travel under. Next, we did some planting and Nigel told us all about how to take care of plants and how best to water them. We planted lavender and spearmint and Nigel even told us a recipe for how to make mint chocolates. After that it was dinner time and we also had another little play on the sand. Then we competed at boat racing in the stream at the bottle of the hill. We were in four teams and we had to cheer on our team. Mrs Shepherd’s team won twice! The last part of our trip was den building. We were given the challenge to build a den and fit half the class inside. We did it! Finally we had a relay race. We had to run up, ring the bell and then go and tag the next person and get in our dens. It was a fantastic day and everyone had loads of fun learning through practical hands on activities.