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Bring Yer Wellies

Yellow Class had a wonderful trip to ‘Bring Yer Wellies’ ( ) as part of their topic. They built dens in 2 teams and all children carried the sticks exactly as they were shown and walked to and from the woodland area with them. Everyone got into the den to check they could all fit. We then had a race in the 2 teams from the woodland area, up the path to ring the bell, high five James and back into the den. In groups all the children then had a go at pond dipping and got to use magnifying glasses to see what they could find. Melissa then showed us her wormery and explained what the worms like to eat and how they make compost.  In 4 teams we then used maps of the site to complete a treasure map. When we found one of the wellies from our map we had to check the colour on our map and we had to collect an item, run back and ring the bell or shout ‘we’re winning’.  Following lunch, we collected wood for a campfire and then walked to the brook at the bottom of the field to race cork boats before returning to marshmallows on the fire!