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British Values

Schools have a duty to promote fundamental British Values in school. Through assemblies, values education, celebrating children’s learning,¬†children’s¬†positive behaviour, national events and significant days, the children are involved in these concepts throughout the year. More examples are mentioned below.

Rule of Law: Children have helped write the behaviour policy, receive points and certificates for positive behaviour and take part in Internet Safety lessons.

Democracy: Children vote for school councilors and house captains, complete questionnaires and and are involved in choosing games, songs and activities around the school.

Tolerance: Children take part in fundraising activities, visits to places of worship and experience a cooked lunch influenced by a range of cuisines.

Respect: Children take part in values education, educational visits, national charity events and receive special mention certificates.

Individual Liberty: Children have a choice of after school clubs, cook and grow as part of developing a healthy lifestyle and learn life choices on the Life Caravan.