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Christmas Tree Challenge by Lucy.



Our challenge was to make decorations for the school Christmas tree.
I used cardboard and I painted the cardboard green. I cut a pot out of the cardboard and it stood up and when it was dry we put decorations on it on Wednesday. Mummy cut the string and put my name on it. And that’s how I did it. I liked the angel and the snowflake decorations on the tree best.

One thought on “Christmas Tree Challenge by Lucy.”

  1. newtonmiss says:

    Your tree was so bright and colourful, you must have worked really hard on it.
    I loved looking at the all the decorations the Willow Lane pupils have been creating at home- they are all so different and unique. Ellie’s closed studded citrus fruit is my favourite at the moment because I love the smell of cloves and they make me feel so festive!

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