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Clean hands?

This afternoon we have had a very special visitor to Yellow Class. Tanya the nurse came into our class to talk to us about the importance of hygiene. We talked about when we should wash our hands e.g. before   eating, after going to the toilet, after playing out and after handling pets. She reminded us how to wash our hands properly and used a very special UV box that looked like they showed up the germs and bacteria on our hands! We know how important it is to wash hands thoroughly and carefully as even after rewashing we had missed some bits. Tanya also showed us how far a sneeze can travel using a Shrek mask and even showed us what some bacteria looks like using soft toys. She told us about her time in A&E and reminded us to sit carefully on chairs and to wear bike helmets. At the end she answered lots of questions about being healthy, reminding us of the importance of eating lots of fruit and veg, sleeping and playing lots.