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Climate Friendly School

In assemblies we have been looking at how we can become a more climate friendly school. As school leaders we have initiated a survey or our building to see where we can more efficient with regard to heating and lighting and with the children we have discussed tangible and real changes they can make. Children are becoming more conscious about turning off lights and taps and the School Council are working with the kitchen on creating packed lunches which don’t rely on any single use plastic. Year 1 have led the campaign for not having cartons and straws for milk and we have now replaced this with milk in cups which can be dish-washed and reused. And we’ve planted trees. Year 6 have been looking at tree species which many of our local roads are named after and the School Council worked out which are on the grounds. We have raised money to buy other trees and these have been planted with our gardener in residence and we look forward to future generations of Willow Lane children collecting conkers and relaxing under them.