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Blue Class have been conducting an experiment to see what happens to egg shells when they are kept in six different liquids for a week. We used eggs because the shells are similar to the enamel on our teeth and wanted to see the results! We observed and recorded the changes each day. The energy drink egg cracked and formed a white substance all over the shell. The blackcurrant cordial (added sugar) egg had a ┬ávery rough shell and turned a deep purple colour. The diet coke went very brown and speckly, while the coke egg didn’t go as brown. The orange juice egg formed a layer of sludge over the top of the egg and the egg in vinegar swelled up, went squishy and was quite exciting to pop on the last day! Our eggsperiments led us to conclude that the sugar or acid in different liquids we drink can dissolve the enamel on our teeth, as they did on the eggs. If we want to keep our teeth healthy, we therefore need to think about what we eat and drink.