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Fairfield Orchard

Yellow had a fantastic trip in the sunshine to Fairfield Orchard. We were learning all about minibeasts and their habitats. We learnt that some live in the air and like the light whilst some live in trees and bark and some like hedges. Some live and lay their eggs under leaves and some prefer darker and damper places such as under logs or stones. We collected minibeasts in pots (using brushes so we didn’t hurt them) to study them and count how many legs they had and other features. This allowed us to group and compare minibeasts. We found lots of creepy crawlies in different places! We made sure we put them back where they came from because we know minibeasts are happiest in their habitats asĀ  they are where they have everything they need. We even found out some fascinating facts such as slugs don’t have antennae; they have 2 eyes that stick up and 2 feelers that point down and that butterflies are energised by the light and the sun. What a super afternoon!