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First Week Back and Reminders

The children have had a fantastic week back in their new classes and enjoying this wonderful weather. Unfortunately, we got so carried away with the week that we only got a few photos! You can see these on Facebook.

School Council

Next week the children will be starting their School Council campaigns in years 1-6. Reception will do theirs later in the term. Children who would like to be a school councillor will have the opportunity to deliver their speech on Friday to the class who will then vote based on the school expectations of a school councillor. These expectations are:

A good school councillor does need to have some of the following qualities though:

  • A good listener and speaker
  • A team player
  • Interested to learn more about our school
  • Keen to make a contribution to improving our school
  • Able to represent the views of others in your year group
  • Able and willing to speak to the class about the Council?
  • Willing to give up some of their own time to the post
  • Has lots of good ideas
  • Sets a good example to others

Website- updates will be completed by next Friday

Class teachers are updating their webpages for each year group throughout next week with their updated curriculums and newsletters. We will be adding all trips and events to the school calendar on our webpage. So please check this regularly for various trips and events, as as soon as they are confirmed we will add them to this calendar. This way you can always be informed about what is happening. We will still send out reminders and forms for trips, but hopefully this will help you to plan around what is happening.

Uniform and PE Days

We did send out information about school uniform requirements this year at the end of last year. There is no longer a ‘PE’ uniform as it is expected that each child will come in active uniform everyday in order for us to be active and ready at all times. The children will also do their PE in this outfit. Please see the school uniform page for details and make sure any new uniform follows this policy.

Meet the teacher

On the week commencing 9th October we will be having meet the teacher meetings in class where you can get a chance to visit the classroom and learn about the expectations and the learning of the year group. It is also an opportunity to book in for the following week with the teacher if you have any concerns or worries you would like to talk through in more depth. Please see the School Calendar for details and times.


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