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Football Fever

”The World Cup has started and I have been thinking about healthy snacks to eat whilst watching it. I discussed  with Miss Newton whether or not pasta was healthy and we think it depends on what sort of sauce it has on it.I thought of the idea of  an enormous ball of pasta that looks like a football and a flag made of carrot and lettuce. And what about a football field made of vegetables? ” -Zach


Thanks for those tips Zach- if you make a football field out of vegetables then don’t forget to take a photo of it for the blog! How about looking up the countries playing and making something healthy from that country? Pasta on its own is not that healthy- I love making my own tomato sauce with a tin or two of tinned tomatoes, olive oil and chopped up onions and garlic. The Mexico vs Brazil match is on Thursday and I liked the look of this Mexican vegetable hash. Click on the link to find out how to make it…

Or a big bowl of nachos made with guacamole, salsa and three bean chilli? I will post up some healthy recipes soon but meanwhile feel free to comment with yours!