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Ginger Bread Houses!

In the run up to Christmas, Year 6 have worked incredibly hard using their design and technology skills. We began the topic exploring what we already knew about biscuits and thinking deeply about what we were aiming to achieve. From this, we taste tested a range of shop-bought biscuits to refine our ideas and ensure we used a sturdy material for building. With our designs, we drew extensive exploding diagrams to show the 3D plan of our houses, complete with decoration. With Mrs Noakes, we baked furiously to create thick pieces with which to complete our construction.

The day finally came to build and decorate. It was a nail-biting morning as we worked in pairs to put together our 4 sides and even scarier when we needed to add the roof. We then spent the afternoon decorating our various abodes with sugary treats but all had a fantastic time and a yummy final product. What great work, year 6!