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Grammar School Outcomes

In Lancaster, we are very fortunate to have a range of great secondary schools that mean everyone’s needs can be catered for. Each year, some of our children sit the tests for the Girls (LGGS) and Boys (LRGS) Grammar schools. In school, we support our more able in every class with our ambitious curriculum and where children have shown an interest or an aptitude for the grammar school option, we provide small group interventions to make sure they are familiar with the challenges these tests involve. This year we are so proud of our children who have put in lots of effort, including over lockdown, and done exceptionally well. Eight children (29% of our Year 6) have been successful at passing the tests with four meeting the expectations for the Girls’ Grammar and four for the Boys’ Grammar.

If your child is in Years 4 or 5 and you would like to have a conversation with the headteacher about Grammar School options then please get in touch.