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Healthy Teeth

This afternoon we have been learning all about our teeth. Miss Frankland showed us a giant set of teeth and asked us what we used our teeth for and we worked out that they are for eating and chewing. We talked about all our new teeth that were coming through, our baby teeth falling out and we named some foods we could eat that will help them grow well. We used mirrors to have a really good look at all our teeth and ran our tongue over them and described them. Next, Miss Frankland gave us some lego, biscuits and fruit and some pots of water. We used the lego as teeth to crush the food and added splashes of water (as saliva). Soon, we realised how easily food can get stuck in our teeth. Then, we were given a tooth brush to help us brush the food out. It was quite tricky to get it all! It took quite a long time. We talked about the importance of thoroughly brushing our teeth. Using the giant teeth, Miss Frankland modelled how to brush all the areas of our teeth including the back of them. We had a timer on for 3 minutes while she did this as we know this is how long we need to brush for.