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Roll up, roll up for the Willow Lane School blog!

Hello and welcome to the Willow Lane School Blog. If you  are not used to blogging or blogs, then do not be scared- a blog is similar to a website but it is is quicker and easier to update- it is an online newspaper so that we can keep you informed with all that is happening at our school. But what is most important is that YOU help create this too.

Talk to me, Miss Newton if you have any news, information or anything exciting to add to the blog or write it down, tell it to your teacher or teaching assistant and they will tell me. I will  put a whiteboard in the library for your ideas/stories or tips. I also want a team to help me write it (and give me lots of school gossip) but beware! You are probably better at using the computers than me!

Maybe you (or your parent/s or carer ) have a favourite recipe, a good joke or advice on an exciting place to visit near or in Lancaster? What have you enjoyed at school recently?  Is there anythng you feel that could be better and why?

We also want to  hear all about your adventures on holiday so please contact us on the link below to tell us where you went, what you did and what adventures you had and I will publish them on the next blog update.

Anyway, the nights are getting longer and darker and we are all back at school! I bet everyone is so happy about this! Ahem, someone has said something rude about the summer holidays being better than school- I can hear you, you know… Now what could possibly be better than stomping to school through the Autumnal leaves to learn about new topics, to discover new facts and make new friends?


This term, the Vikings are invading. Henry the Eighth is beheading and most terrifying of all, Reception Class has arrived! Arrgh!


Joke of the Week- How did the Vikings send secret messages?

By norse code!


Recipe of the Week- a Mumset recipe for healthy ceral bars for your lunchbox-


Still hungry? The Marsh Community Centre Cafe is open this week on Thursday and Friday between 12 and 3.30pm for soup, curries and delicious sweet and savoury snacks at supermarket beating prices. They also do a brilliant bag of seasonal fruit or veg for £2.50.

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