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Home Learning Routine

Dear mums, dads and carers,

Schooling as we know it has changed dramatically over the last week and an astonishing 87% of the world’s students are currently being hit by school closures. Whilst staff are currently focusing on providing care for key workers, we are also starting to think about what next with regard to learning at home. It is not possible to replicate a usual school experience in the home nor feasible for schools to continue to provide a ‘normal’ education at this time. Many children have different circumstances (access to technology, space, parents working from home etc) and we want to support you with learning at home in a realistic manner.

Whilst staff have provided some resources and suggested links (and many of you will have found other great suggestions out there), the ‘things to consider’ in the later on the 18th March are worth reminding yourselves about. One key point is the establishment of a daily routine.This not only helps the children but can also help adults through what can appear a daunting task. Some routines, shared on social media etc, are very detailed and have precise timings. You may find these useful but the best routines are those which can be embedded and stuck too and you may find it easier to have a list of things without timings. We recommend a routine including different subjects, physical and creative activities and time together on games, cooking etc.

An example of what a routine could look like is attached. This is my daughter’s (aged 4) and is by no means perfect but it gives you an idea of the type of activities she is involved in during the day. For ‘choosing’ we are giving her a choice which includes activities with an adult (jigsaw, game etc) and on her own (art, playing with teddies etc). We are not worried if everything isn’t completed or if new things take over but it gives our family a structure whilst we adapt to these new times. In hindsight, one key thing we left out was ‘tidying up’ time!

We will be adding to the blog entries with posts titled ’10….’ which will give further suggestions in manageable chunks. A ‘home learning’ tab will be attached to these too. These will involve ideas which may require the use of technology as well as those which won’t. We are also looking at how to best support children’s learning in the future however at the moment staff are rightly focusing on their new role as carers for key workers and vulnerable children.

I wish you, your children and your extended family and loved ones all the best,

Mr Mel MacKinnon