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Staff Covid Tests

You will have heard about tests in schools and may want answers to some of the following.

Who are tests for?

From this week, school staff (not children and not planned to be children in primary school settings) can opt in to take tests at home.

How often will staff be tested?

Twice a week.

Why are school staff being tested?

Roughly 1/3 of those affected by COVID-19 are asymptomatic (do not show symptoms). Even when asymptomatic, people can pass the virus on. These tests are to help identify people who are asymptomatic so that they can self-isolate etc.

Does this mean school is suddenly less safe?

No. This is another approach in helping to make our community a safer place to be.

How do the tests work?

These tests, called Lateral Flow Devices, take 30 minutes to give a result and don’t need a laboratory. They work through using a swab then putting the swab in a liquid to create a sample. Drops from this are then put on a testing kit and 30 minutes later the lines (a bit like on a pregnancy kit) tell you if it is a positive or negative.

What happens if a test is positive?

In line with our risk assessment, staff will then have a PCR (the normal drive in/drop in) test to verify the result. Furthermore, ‘close contacts’ and ‘bubbles’ will have to self-isolate and close for 10 days. This will help break chains of virus transmission.

Are the tests accurate?

Yes. Although there seems to be mixed messages in the press, the NHS inform us that the tests are very accurate and that is why we are doing our part to help keep our community safer.

Do you have to wear a kilt when taking a test?

No. Mr MacKinnon is wearing a kilt because it is Burns’ Day not because he is collecting his test kit.