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Mr MacKinnon’s Photo Competition

This week, I am creating a photo challenge which all children in our school can take part in. The rules of the challenge are….

  1. The title of the photo is ‘Leaves’.
  2. Photos are not to include people.
  3. One photo entry per child only.
  4. Photos must be emailed, from an adult, to by Sunday 5th April.

You may want to capture leaves on a tree bursting out in the spring warmth. You may want to create a work our art (like Andy Goldsworthy) using leaves of different colours. You may want to take a close up of leaves with an interesting shape. You may want to capture a leafy scene whilst on your daily exercise out of the house. I leave the creativity up to you…

Remember, if you are using a camera on a phone, make sure you have the owner’s permission and make sure that you use your online safety learning and don’t use the device for other things.

Depending on numbers, all or a shortlist of photos will be published on the blog next week. The winning photo will be the featured image – the icon next to the blurb on the website cover page. No names of children will be shared.