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Online Safety Tips

Attached are three posters which you may want to look at. One gives some facts and triggers some questions for parents. It provides links and further links can be found within our Online Safety page of the website.

The other two posters have acronyms which the children will have encountered during Online Safety lessons and assemblies. Younger children should be familiar with the concepts even if they do not know the acronyms. THINK reminds children to act in a way online that they would act when face to face with someone. It encourages children to consider carefully what they post before posting it. Another key message with this is that whatever one posts it is there for ever. Be SMART encourages safe practice when online. It reminds children not to share personal details or to arrange meetings, reminds them that not all information is reliable online and importantly from parents’ point of view it encourages children to tell an adult if they see or come across anything upsetting. This links to our Kidsafe lessons which remind children to tell a ‘trusted adult’ if they have ‘yucky feelings’.