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Our thoughts on the new term

With five minutes to spare, I grabbed a couple of willing volunteers from Orange Class to chat about the Willow Lane blog (‘I already know what a blog is, it’s a person, a type of robot’ says Jay)  and to discuss what they are enjoying about the new term and anything they would like to see happening in their class.

Ruby: ‘I like writing about Winnie the Witch because I like her. I like her because she has a party. I like the teacher in Orange Class because she does writing every time with us. I would like to go on a teddy bears picnic soon.’

Jay: ‘I’m so happy to be doing very good work but sometimes I have to take my fingers off because they get all sweaty and tired. I like reading too especially about the choo-choo train. There’s loads of people on it and it gets stuck on a track! I would like to play more games at the end of the day when we are waiting for our mums and dads to come.’



One thought on “Our thoughts on the new term”

  1. Miss Riley says:

    It is brilliant that you enjoy writing Ruby and I think a teddy bears picnic is a brilliant idea.

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