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Our trip to the Leaf Centre


Last week we went to the Leaf Centre, it isn’t really an actual building but it’s kind of like in a wooded shelter. We saw an Eurasian Eagle Owl called Boo and it was rescued by the police because the man didn’t take care of it because Boo had a broken wing.


We saw five owls including Boo and their names were Pikatu, Otis and a barn owl who’s name we can’t remember! There was a little one who jumped up and down as well. We made nests and Maddy and I’s nest was the muddiest and the biggest!

I (Michael) collected lots of MUUUUUUUD!!!!!! At the end my coat was brown.

We looked at owl pellets. An owl pellet is something that an owl eats. It is all the bones and all the hard bits that it can’t digest. I (Toby) found the back of a skull and lots and lots of ribs from mice.

It was a brilliant day and we learnt a lot!



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  1. Miss Riley says:

    This looks like it was a brilliant day.

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