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Parental Questionnaire

Thank you to the 39 parents who returned their questionnaires last term. They have been sent off to be analysed but we already have some positive responses and areas to work on to share with you.

There were many strengths identified and some which were repeated by more than a few of you. These included 31% of you praising the number of after school clubs and 25% the outside space. 79% of you identified the caring and supportive nature of the school as a strength and stated that ‘staff are extremely supportive’ and ‘want the best for every child’.

From your suggestions on how we could improve things, 5% of you wanted more homework, 8% wanted the more able to be challenged more and 13% wanted better communication with parents. Thank you for this feedback and please do feel free to approach your teacher, the office or myself to discuss any concerns you have. The best time to raise them is as soon as you have them.