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Paying Our Respects

Following on from our assembly on Friday, this Wednesday children in Years 1-6 will be walking up to The Priory to pay our respects to Queen Elizabeth II by lighting a candle, laying flowers and offering messages of condolences to the Royal Family.
We will be leaving school at these times:
1:10pm- Yr 1 and 6
1:30pm Yr 2 and 4
2:00pm Yr 3 and 5
If any parents would like to pay their respects with us then they are more than welcome to join us at The Priory or walk up with us.
A reminder that Monday 19th September is now a national Bank holiday and school will not be open.

One thought on “Paying Our Respects”

  1. Jo Abbott says:

    Absolutely beautiful idea.
    Thank you for arranging this

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