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Poetry Slam!

Wow – what a treat we all had in assembly. This wee k the whole school has been loving poems. They have been reading them, writing them and performing them and in assembly they all had a chance to show their performance skills. We had rapping Grans from Violet Class, teachers who didn’t allow breathing from Indigo Class, the nonsense of Ning Nang Nong from Blue Class, alliterative feelings from Green Class, space journeys from Yellow Class, mice denying climbing up the clock from Orange Class and rhyming confusion at the shop in Red Class. It was great to see every child in the school taking part – some chorally and some with solo lines but all with a smile. What a noisy old place to be, at Willow Lane assembly!

One thought on “Poetry Slam!”

  1. Amiee says:

    I really enjoyed do granny can you rap it is a great poem and the whole class loved it too.

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