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This half term our school value is Respect and we’ve had an assembly and time in our Values Families to think about what it means and how we can show it around the school. Like many values, respect is a word with big meanings and we have explained to children that:

  • one can have respect for what someone does or believes (including people in the past).
  • one can show respect to oneself through positive actions.
  • one can show respect for someone else through actions which show we care about how they feel.

The children came out with amazing examples including showing respect including listening to the teacher in every lesson, opening doors, manners to lunch staff and each other, kind words because they don’t want to upset anyone else, quiet reading when others have a guided group, recycling rubbish to look after the environment, picking up litter to respect the school and neat work to have respect for their own learning.

We finished assembly, making reference to recent global events, by thinking about values as life long beliefs which we hold dear now and will hold dear for ever.