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RE Week

This week, Yellow Class have been learning all about Muslim people’s way of life. We found out that Muslims are very committed to their faith. We had a virtual trip to a Mosque and practiced the washing ritual called Wudu. We also learnt all about how Muslim people fast for a month during the daylight hours and this is called Ramadan. Yellow Class learnt that instead of spending time cooking and eating, they spend time taking caring of others and thinking and caring for people who are hungry. After the fast is over, there is a 3 day celebration called Eid Il Fitur. Here, the fast is broken. We had our very own Eid style celebration with decorations and made and tried lots of different Indian sweet treats. There were some interesting, new flavours but everyone tried lots of different kinds and found some that they liked. We also enjoyed the coconut squares and mango lassi made by Yellow Class themselves. What a super week!