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Scarlet Fever/ iGAS/ Strep Throat

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I just wanted to let all parents know that there is currently only one case of iGAS and one case of Scarlet fever. These are in the year 1 class. Both children are okay and we are in contact with families.

These infections are all caused by Bacteria called group A Streptococcus (group A strep). This bacteria can spread through droplets when someone with the infection coughs or sneezes, or through shared food or drinks. People can also pick up the bacteria from a doorknob or other surface and transfer them to your nose, mouth or eyes. Mostly it causes mild illnesses.

Infections from this bacteria are quite common at this time of year. I am aware that there is quite a lot of these illnesses in our local area at the moment. If not treated with antibiotics it can spread further as a person is infectious for 2-3 weeks without treatment.  Due to this, the UK Health Security Agency North West Health Protection Team’s advice is that we send people home if they have a sore throat to be checked by their doctor. This is to contain the virus and reduce the period it is in school. Children can return once they have been checked if they are given the all clear or once they have been off for 24 hours from when they start antibiotics.

We have stepped up hand washing, cleaning procedures and limited the use of shared resources. If you could also help ensure that your children shower, wear clean clothes and clean their hands before school or on return home, then we would really appreciate this.

We are all much more aware of infectious diseases and how to limit them, control them and prevent them and we now have the advice of a large health team. It may appear a large response to what is a small number of cases, but this is because we have a body now to guide us through infection control and to reduce the risk of serious illness. I do not want people to feel alarmed or anxious. These are precautions that are being taken to reduce the time any bacteria is in school and to help keep everyone healthy. We ask that you bare with us and we send any further information out when or if we are advised to.

Kind regards,

Lucy Naylor