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Space, the final frontier…

In Yellow Class we are learning all about Space and have become astronauts for the term!  We are learning lots of fascinating facts about how an astronaut survives in Space- why do you think an astronaut can’t eat crisps in a rocket? Write a message below  and a member of Yellow Class will tell you if you’re right.


We turned the hall into an International Space Station and practiced moon walking, being weightless, skipping to stop our muscles from disintegrating and doing jigsaws the wrong way round to keep our brains sharp and active. We kept our reflexes quick by catching rulers before they hit the ground and  bending and squatting activities like press-ups to keep our whole body strong and healthy enough to cope with the atmosphere.


Emily – ‘The trickiest part was doing the squats and the puzzle because it was so hard doing it the wrong way round- it made me really confused!’

Tia – ‘It really made me feel like an actual astronaut and it has made me decide to become one.’