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Spooky Book Week by Heaven

Miss Gatrell’s t-shirt was funny because it had bottles and skulls in it. She had funny orange hair and a scary mask and a long witches hat.  In Key Stage  One there were loads of witches and Mrs Monteith was dressed as a bat. A witch came flying past and came into our class and gave Leon Hoyle a book. Faith came dressed as a dead cat and Thomas came dressed as a freaky person.

I loved writing my spooky stories and I also liked hiding my scary stories, I hid mine behind the water bottles in Green Class and Kayne and Brendan read it. Would you like to as well?

On Friday we did a Bring and Write and when the bell rang, we had to stop, find a piece of paper and write whatever we wanted to. I wrote about some people going through a forest. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed Book Week. I was meant to take photos but I forgot. Sorry, Miss Newton!