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Spring Watch…looking at new life by Nathaniel and James


We are looking at the start of new life and felt the boiling sun melt our faces. It’s good to be outside because you get to see the world. We smelt the lovely perfume of the dandelion and tree buds.

We saw marvellous plants and good wildlife like the ladybird. The ladybird was so cute.



4 thoughts on “Spring Watch…looking at new life by Nathaniel and James”

  1. newtonmiss says:

    Nathaniel and James, I had a lovely time with you in the nature garden. You were so kind and gentle with the ladybird and came up with some amazing descriptive terms for the things we saw and photographed with the iPad.

    I loved your pictures you drew too and James, you made me laugh with your descriptions as to why you definitely definitely didn’t like camping.

    Nathaniel, you are a real nature lover and very good at spotting the tiny detail in things.

  2. Annalee says:

    That is a good picture, Nathaniel.

  3. Hermione says:

    interesting picture nathaniel.

  4. megan johnson says:

    nice facts james

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