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Summer Fair costs and fundraising

Hello all,

I just wanted to make a post about the summer fair and the entrance fees/ costs of the day.

We ask for an entrance fee for a family and the costs of the stalls/ etc. for a few reasons.

The cost of running a summer fair and all the exciting things we offer in order to do this is around £1500 and that does not cover the staffing costs or the running costs of the building.

We do not hold any other large fundraisers for school and try to do all events in school time so that our children can all experience them and to keep the costs lower for families therefore the summer fair is our only real fundraiser for school.

The money we raise at the summer fair goes towards things such as:

  • Experience days/ events in school
  • Some trips
  • Transport
  • Equipment and resources for the children
  • Items to support families in need
  • Access to clubs for families that may struggle

This year we spent over £6000 on these from our unofficial school funds (raised by previous PTA events).

We understand that not all families can support the costs of the school fair but we really want as many people there as possible to experience a lovely evening when we can all get together and enjoy our community.

Therefore if anyone needs any help with this then please contact us. And if people can do what they can to raise funds such as pre-booking tickets, selling raffle tickets, donating prizes, cakes, etc or helping out, then we really appreciate it.

As always…thank you for all you do and for supporting our school.

Kind regards,

Miss Naylor and the Willow Lane Staff


One thought on “Summer Fair costs and fundraising”

  1. Cheryl Stockton says:

    I think you do a fantastic job for the children and community. Thank you.

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