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The Lion King

Year 6 are all back at the hotel following a wonderful evening in the heart of London’s cultural centre. Following a meal by Trafalgar Square, we went to Covent Garden to watch the Lion King. It was superb – full of costumes, dancing and singing and we were sat high up in the Great Circle with a cracking view!





3 thoughts on “The Lion King”

  1. Helen Holden says:

    It has been so reassuring you informing the parents/carers regularly that the children and staff are safe and having a fantastic time. I’m so glad that the trip went ahead. As it is a wonderful experience for year 6.

  2. Mrs Fish says:

    So many smiles makes it all very worthwhile.

  3. Mr Cooper says:

    I must say the highlight of each trip to London that I am involved in is the theatre experience. The bravado beforehand of “Mr Cooper I’m going to fall asleep, it’s going to be boring” to the look of wonder, amazement and sheer joy in the children’s faces as they hang off the edge of their seats to see the majesty of the performance!
    it’s those moments that really make this a pleasure.

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