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The Violet Class Mystery

Today, Year 6 walked into their classroom to find tables turned over and chairs all over the place. There was “HA, HA, HA,” written on the window and chocolate wrappers thrown on the floor. There were letters on the wall saying, “I can’t bear to lose… time is ticking.” Another message said, “Tables are turning…”


Later on, they questioned Ms Naylor, Mrs Mosey, Mrs Powell, and Mr Webster. Then Mrs Chisnall decided to send Lacey, Imogen, Max, and Rhys to steal the reading record and snoop in the cupboard in Year 4. A few minutes later, they came back after finding the iPads stashed in the cupboard. It turns out… Mrs Mosey was the person who had wrecked the classroom!

Report by Eva, Violet Class

One thought on “The Violet Class Mystery”

  1. Mrs Powell says:

    I knew it. Mrs Mosey has always looked dodgy! 😂

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