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Tower Wood Day 2

Another beautiful Spring Day has seen the children developing and showing their values of courage, resilience, friendship and happiness in so many ways. Their positive and excellent behaviour has been complimented by Tower Wood staff too! The children have created their own packed lunches and served and tidied up for each other after cooked breakfast and delicious hot pot. Activities on the water have included sailing, canoeing and chilly dips and leaps from the jetty. Trees have been climbed, sky poles leapt from and local mountains climbed as each group went off this afternoon. We spent the evening having scavenger hunts and playing hide and seek in the grounds before enjoying the sunset over Lake Windermere.

5 thoughts on “Tower Wood Day 2”

  1. Mrs Fish says:

    WOW! What an amazing day of activities!
    Brilliant news that the staff at Tower Wood are getting the opportunity to see our great children in action too. Well done everyone.
    I hope you didn’t lose Mr MacKinnon in hide and seek!
    Congratulations to the photographers also, some fantastic pictures to share!
    See you all soon.

  2. Lois says:

    Lovely to see all children having fun. As a mother I’ll sleep a little easier tonight seeing pictures. Can’t wait for cuddles tomorrow. Thanks to all staff for giving them the opportunity and keeping our babies safe x

  3. Chris stretch says:

    Looks like the kids have had great fun and great food

  4. Leanne says:

    Wow looks like your all having so much fun. Thank you to all the staff for making all this necessary.

  5. Libing says:

    Wonderful experiences for every kid. It will be like a little seed put in their hearts and will blossom one day.

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