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Year 6 SATS 9-12th May

From the 9th-12th of May our year 6 pupils will be completing their Statutory Assessments. These are assessments that we must ensure that all children do.

We need all year 6 pupils to arrive promptly in the morning to ensure everyone is present and ready to go.

Can all year 6 pupils be in to have breakfast in the hall at 8:30 am so that we have time to ensure breakfast and registration.

If your child is feeling unwell on a day of the test, please still bring them in and we will assess whether they should participate in school.

If a year 6 child is not in by 8:45am, Miss Naylor and Mrs Banks will carry out home visits.

Please make sure all our children get a good night sleep and try to keep stress levels down throughout the week. We are very proud of all they have learnt in school and this is the government’s assessment of the great Willow Lane education they have had. Therefore we are sure they will try their best and are not to worry about the tests.

Lucy Naylor