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We are proud to work closely with LUSU (Lancaster University Students’ Union) and the outreach projects they offer to local schools.

Every year, we accommodate students who are looking to gain experience of working in a school setting¬†to support their courses and career options. We feel it is important to provide the next generation of teachers with insight in to how a school teaches and we also benefit from this arrangement. Student volunteers, during their 10 week placement, may listen to one to one readers, support groups, deliver lessons in their field and also build up to a ‘project’ with the class they are working with.

We also work with the University on specific projects including creative arts, book making and visiting the galleries,¬†libraries and other facilitates they offer. Not only do these projects enhance and add to our curriculum but being at the University helps our children’s academic aspirations and reinforces further education can be an option for all.

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