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Spring 2:

It is hard to believe that your children are already over half way through their journey in reception class. Progress has been rapid and the children still remain eager to learn and develop new skills. Children’s confidence when reading continues to blossom with the support of small tailored phonics groups, giving children opportunities to shine within a phonics phase which benefits them.

We would like to give a big warm Willow Lane welcome to Miss Greenwood as she joins our blossoming EYFS team. Miss Greenwood has joined us as an HLTA in Red Class and is eager to support Miss Morgan and myself to ensure every child reaches their full potential. As part of her role she will be in charge of reading books and monitoring children as they progress through the reading stages.

This was a very busy half term for everyone. One of the highlights for most children was the making of fossils. Many children thrived off our ‘Magic Time Machine’ topic and were able to engross themselves fully in what it had to offer!  All this learning has been captured in their Learning Journal which you will be able to see at parents’ evening.

Reading at home has a huge impact on a child’s development in reading. We will be setting a new ice cream reading challenge for the last 4 weeks of this term. It will involve children reading 3 times or more, per week, at home to move up the ice cream. On the final Friday of the half term, all children will receive what they have earned. For some this may only be a cone and for others it may be a full ice cream, with all the extras! However, it will all depend on how much they have read at home with you.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring ‘Our Wonderful World’and the country within it, observing how things grow and the wonders it holds. We will investigate key questions such as ‘Why is water so important?’ and ‘Where does water come from?’ Finally for the final 2 weeks of the spring term we will be rearing our own chicks. This will give the children first-hand experience when investigating life cycles and animals that hatch from eggs.

We would love for you and your child to have fun expanding their knowledge at home. This is a great topic and encourages the children to explore the World around them. Spend the time talking about different places locally that children have visited or places further afield.  Take a visit to your local park and search for signs of spring or plants that are growing.

Autumn 1:

A big warm welcome to everyone in Red Class and especially those new to Willow Lane School, it’s great to see lots of smiling faces. Although it has only been a few weeks, it is clear that all the children in Red Class are really settled in to school life. They are learning the routines and forming good friendships as a class, which makes the classroom a happy and exciting place to be!

We have started teaching phonics daily and the children are very enthusiastic to explore new sounds and use their ‘Robot arms’ to blend and segment words. We have also been very impressed by the level of budding mathematicians we have in class. It’s amazing to see total engagement during our Maths learning as we unlock new concepts for the children. We already have a class that love learning and we cannot wait to support them to develop and grow on their journey in Red Class.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about ourselves in our ‘Busy Being Me’ topic. We will be talking about our likes and dislikes, painting portraits and playing lots of games to get to know each other. As part of our Science focus we will also be investigating our senses and will hopefully get the chance to do some baking.

As part of the topic ‘Busy Being Me’ we would like you to support your child to create a collage all about themselves. They might draw pictures, stick on images from magazines or take their own photos showing their likes and dislike. This will be there first creative homework which they can show off in assembly to the whole school. If you’re struggling, please just come and ask.

In Red Class, we have our PE lessons on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Please can you ensure that children have their kit in school on these days and if your child takes time to get changed, this can be a useful thing to practise at home.