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Autumn 2:

This half term’s topic is ‘When I grow up…’   We have already started to look into jobs that others do and also people who help us within the community and wider, such as firemen, doctors, police etc. On the countdown to Christmas we will be doing lots of exciting art and will have plenty of magical adventures!

When you’re out and about with your child and see somebody busy at work maybe you could ask your child ‘What job do you think they are doing?’ Talking at home about different jobs and the different things they could be when they grow up gives children lots of opportunities to share their learning. In the coming weeks we will be using lots of new words as part of our topic that the children may not have come across before, such as, stethoscope, occupation, receptionist, nurse, emergency etc.  Also look out for more ways to help at home throughout the year on our parent notice board which is updated regularly.

It is great to see so many children starting to gain more confidence when reading. The more practise they get the better they become! This is why we ask you to read with your child at home 3 times a week. We notice a big difference in the progress children make with their reading dependent on whether they read at home regularly or not.

Every Wednesday afternoon we all enjoy time in the wildlife area where we learn new skills, develop our self-confidence and explore the endless possibilities that nature has to offer. Last half term we ended our sessions with a joint campfire with year 5.The children paired up to create fantastic forest art, explore their senses and take part in a campfire with ‘Smores’. They were all amazing and it was lovely to see the older children supporting the younger ones.

Autumn 1:

A big warm welcome to everyone who has just started in Red Class and at Willow Lane School; it’s great to see lots of smiling faces. Although it has only been a week it is clear that all the children in Red Class are really starting to settle in to school life. They are learning the routine and forming good friendships as a class, which makes the classroom a happy and exciting place to be!

Once settled in we will be starting our new topic and learning all about ourselves and bodies. We will be talking about our likes and dislikes, painting portraits, discovering how we grow and how to keep fit and healthy. As part of our Science focus, we will also be investigating our senses and will get the chance to do some baking.

It’s always great to encourage communication about school. At home, give children lots of opportunities talk about and share their learning. In the coming weeks we will be using lots of new words as part of our topic that the children may not have come across before, such as senses, humans, lungs, muscles and many more. These words could be a good conversation starter to get them thinking about future learning and encourage language development further.

When your child begins full time they will be given reading books from our reading scheme. At first these will be phonics books – which link with our phonics scheme Letters and Sounds – where you discover different letters and the sounds they make. As your child becomes more familiar with different letters, they will progress on to stages of the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.

I am aware that many of the children will struggle to know any letters at first and it can be very daunting for you as a parent. However, sitting with them and talking about the pictures and letters will be a great start to reading and help develop understanding. Further support with reading will be given at our Welcome Coffee Morning.