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Reception Class

Welcome to Red Class and, for all new parents, Willow Lane School! We have a great year ahead, with lots to discover, experience and explore. Please take your time to look at the information on this page, which includes important information, answers to frequently asked questions, teaching staff, and our termly newsletter. For general information, this page should be your first port of call. However, if you ever have any other questions, would like clarity on a matter, or want to talk about your child, please come and speak to me after school, or call the office to arrange a meeting. Thank you for all of your help and support, Mr Piper.

Reception Class Staff

Class Teacher: Mr Robbie Piper

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss Chloe Dufton

Teaching Assistant: Miss Gabby Earlam

Teaching Assistant: Marzena Skarbek

Class Information

PE Day: Friday

Outdoor Learning Day: Wednesday

Homework: For all areas of your child’s development, spending time to talk and play with your child is the most valuable thing you can do. If you have any great adventures or they have achievements they wanted to share, please upload these on to Tapestry so we can celebrate these and talk about them in class.

For maths, talk about numbers and patterns in your environment, encourage your child to count with you in real life contexts e.g. use setting the table as an opportunity to develop maths, ‘How many forks do we need?’ How many knives?’. Encourage talk using mathematical vocabulary such as heavier, lighter, longer, shorter.
Download the 1-Minute Maths app here. It is a free app from White Rose Maths and supports the learning we do in school. Reception children should use the subitising game first and could progress to the addition and subtraction games in the second half of the year. As an alternative to this, you could use the dotted cards I gave out in the welcome pack.
Reading: Please enjoy reading and sharing books with your child at least 4 times a week (this can be for as little as 5-10 minutes). In time, children will bring home books for them to practise reading sounds and words to you at home. Little and often with lots of praise and enthusiasm is key to supporting your child’s reading development. Encourage them to sound out words and blend them together. Use any opportunity to get them to practise blending words e.g. Please put on your c-oa-t
Writing: Encourage your child to use their laminated name card to recognise the letters in their name and to eventually copy their name. In Drawing Club we look at stories and draw pictures inspired by them, we then write special passcodes that make them come to life, grow bigger, transform into something or whatever our imagination takes us. Perhaps your child will be inspired by a story at home, or want to run a Drawing Club when they are playing at home.
Other areas: Encourage your child’s independence. This will be different for each child, but areas you could look at out, using a knife and fork, to be independent in their toileting, getting dressed and undressed themselves, handling buttons and zippers. You could also give them jobs at home like carrying their own things to and from school,  laying the table,  tidying up a room.
Keep active by going on walks, going to the park, swimming, climbing. Physical activity helps them to develop strength and control in a variety of areas and it can help children manage their emotions too and boost self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

Reception Class Curriculum and Learning Resources