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Year 3

Spring 1:

This half term our topic is called The Iron Man. It’s based on the brilliant novel by Ted Hughes. In this topic we will be learning about magnets and forces in Science, designing and making an interactive poster in Design and Technology, and creating a film soundtrack in Music. One of the children’s Willow Lane Passport experiences is to make a robot; we will be making a robot puppet of The Iron Man out of tin foil and copper coins – look out for The Tin Foil Man when they come to life!

We started looking at diaries in English lessons, specifically ‘The Diary of a wimpy kid’. We are using our knowledge of diaries to get into role as characters from the Iron Man to really understand what is happening in the story. If children wanted to watch the Iron Giant film which was adapted from the book, you are welcome to. We will be looking more in-depth at different sections of the story in Guided Reading and in our English lessons as we build up to writing a new chapter for it.

In Maths we have almost finished building up our knowledge of how to calculate in new ways using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will then be using these skills when understanding length, mass and volume, and we will be looking at adding and subtracting money and telling the time to the nearest minute.

PE is still on Tuesday and Swimming is on a Friday. In PE we are working on different skills and tactics to help us with invasion games. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

Words that children will encounter in this topic are at the end of this letter. Please help your child to understand these words and point out any times that they are used around the house.

Well done to all the children who have been reading at home regularly. The challenge for this half term is slightly harder than last half term and it now requires children to read 4 times a week. Please help your child to write in their reading record to prove they have been reading at home. It is the children’s responsibility to do this, but parents/carers are more than welcome to write in it as well. Thank you for your continued help with this.

Topic words:  accelerate, decelerate, ramp, incline, attract, repel, magnetic, non-magnetic, attraction, repulsion, names of common metals (e.g. iron, copper, aluminium)

Autumn 2:

Welcome back one and all. Our new topic is Healthy Humans. We will be looking at how humans fit into the rest of the animal kingdom and what humans need to do and eat to be healthy and thrive. We will be designing and making our own healthy snack and we have already had an amazing virtual tour of inside the body. Vocabulary this half term are the following science words. Please try to use these and talk about them with your child…

nutrition, vitamins, minerals, skeleton, muscles, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, dairy, heart, lungs, brain, liver, digestive system, skull, rib cage, pelvis, backbone

In English we are looking at fables and we will be creating our own based on one of Aesop’s fables. We will also be looking at letter writing (just in time for those thank you letters at Christmas!) and shape poems later on in the half term. When the children are reading, we have been focusing on how we can tell/work out how characters are feeling or what they might be thinking. In Maths the children have been progressing well with addition and subtraction and next we will move on to multiplication. Remember to use TT rockstars at home to help with times tables. Let me know if you need login details again.

PE is on Tuesday and we are looking at how we can use our bodies to perform gymnastics routines. Please make sure your child has their PE kit for these days. Swimming is still on a Friday when Mr Miller has Green class. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

Well done to all the children who achieved their reading reward last half term. This half term we are working towards watching a Christmas film. Children are allowed to write in their own reading record, as are you of course. If your child is taking responsibility for this, please can you remind them to do so, as if it doesn’t get recorded they won’t get rewarded! Thank you for your continued help with this.

Last half term there were some wonderful creative homework pieces like posters, models of adventure play grounds, maps, stories and many more. With this newsletter there are some more creative homework ideas. All creative homework will be welcome in the last two weeks of half term and I am looking forward to seeing their brilliant creations.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening this week. If, at any point, you would like to speak to me about any queries you have about your child’s learning, you are welcome to come and see me after school and I will be happy to help.

Autumn 1:

Welcome to Key Stage 2 and to Green Class! The Green Class teachers are me (Mr Piper) Miss Newton and Mr Miller (who teaches the class on Fridays). The children have adapted brilliantly to being in the juniors; their behaviour and attitude to learning has been fantastic. Our topic this half term is called ‘Oh the places you’ll go.’ Using the Dr Seuss book of the same title as inspiration, the children will be looking at the North West and what jobs they could do. We will focus particularly on the Lake District, looking at the human and physical features of the region. In science we are looking at plants and particularly how their seeds, fruits and nuts are dispersed.

Key vocabulary this half term for science is: stem, petals, roots, pollen, pollinate, nutrients, oxygen, transport, attract, disperse, life-cycle and require. For geography it is settlement, land-use, physical, human, effect and tourism. Please discuss these with your child as it will help develop their understanding the more they come across these words.

In English we are working towards writing a biography. As it’s been a wonderful summer for cricket and cricket is important to Lancashire, we will be creating a biography of a local cricketing hero, Ben Stokes, who spent his teenage years in the Lake District. We will then be looking at some local folk tales in order to create our own. Reading is absolutely vital to helping your child learn so, as well as guided reading sessions and hearing individual readers, we will be conducting a reading challenge. If your child can read at least 3 times a week, every week for the whole half-term, they will be able to vote for their reading reward at the end of the half term. Please make sure you encourage your child to read at home. Listening to your child read and making sure they understand what they are reading will also really help them improve. In year 3, children are allowed to write in their own reading record, but if your child wants to do this, please make sure you remind them to write in their reading record. We love seeing any comments from you in their reading records, so continue to do this if you wish. We look in these every day to check who has been reading at home, so any messages you want to write in will also been seen by us.

In Maths we have started looking at place value to build a strong foundation for further work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division later this term. Keep a look out for numbers, especially 3 digit numbers when you’re out and about. We are also working on our times tables every Friday. At the moment all the class are working on their bronze award which has multiplication and division questions for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

PE is on Tuesday and Swimming is on a Friday. In PE we are working on batting, fielding and bowling skills to help us play mini-games of cricket. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

I look forward to meeting you all at parents evening later this term, but if you wish to discuss anything about your child’s learning or see how they’re getting on, you are very welcome to come and speak to me.