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Year 3

Summer 2:

The final half term of the year is here! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. Our topic this half-term is ‘How does your garden grow’. In this topic the children will improve their skills and knowledge within science, design and technology, and art. In science, we will look closely at the parts of plants and how they help them survive. In design and technology we will be designing and making a raised bed for plants. And in Art we will look at the work of Georgia O’Keefe to inspire our own flower paintings. The children really enjoyed the Dark Ages trip at the Maritime museum, where they found out what life was like after the Romans. On the 16th July there will be a boat trip along the Lancaster Canal to celebrate the bi-centenary of the Lancaster Canal and to observe all the plant and wildlife there. In RE we will either visit a Sikh Gurdwara or invite a Sikh to school to find out more about their religion.

Key vocabulary this half term includes: stem, petals, roots, pollen, pollinate, nutrients, oxygen, transport, attract, disperse, life-cycle and require. Please discuss these with your child as it will help develop their understanding the more they come across these words.

In English we have been studying The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton to inspire our own fantasy stories. The children have been amazing at building up their descriptive vocabulary already – I can’t wait to see their stories! So many children excelled at reading at home last half term so we will do a similar challenge this half term – the reward will be a fantasy film that they will vote for. Please listen to and encourage your child to read at home and make sure they update their reading records.

In Maths we have looked at bar graphs and tables. We are now concentrating on finding equivalent fractions and calculating with fractions. A really secure understanding of fractions will help children solve more complex problems further up the school.

PE is on Tuesday and Swimming is on a Friday. In PE we are working on batting and fielding skills to help us play mini-games of rounders. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

Summer 1:

Our topic this half-term is ‘What the Romans did for us’. It is largely History focussed and looks at the impact of the Roman invasion and settlement of Britain. In this topic we will be learning about what life was like before the Romans and how it changed. We will look at some key figures in history like Julius Caesar, Claudius Caesar and Queen Boudicca. We will be using different sources to find information. We have already had an archaeological dig and found some ancient artefacts. We will research different aspects of life in Roman Britain and present this information on Bookcreator on our iPads. We will also look at some of the art that was created at this time and try to recreate our own.

In English we have been looking at play scripts to build up our knowledge and skills so that we can create our own play that is set in Roman times. We will then be creating reports all about the Romans to show how much we’ve learnt. Because so many children did amazingly well at reading at home last half-term, the same challenge applies this half-term. If your child reads regularly at home and it is recorded in their reading record, they will be able to watch a Roald Dahl film of their choice (we’re looking at Roald Dahl scripts in our Guided Reading sessions). Reading records can be updated by you or your child. I will discuss the reading target with the children so we can agree a fair and challenging target.

In Maths we have just finished solving calculations and other problems involving money. We will now be moving on to telling the time to the nearest minute and solving problems relating to telling the time. PE is on Tuesday and Swimming is on a Friday. In PE we are working on athletic skills such as throwing and aiming. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

Spring 2:

Welcome back one and all. We had a fantastic time at Ingleborough Caves last week, I hope you were told all about it. Pictures from the trip will be on the school blog soon for you to check out.

Our topic this half term is ‘The Iron Man’. It’s based on the brilliant novel by Ted Hughes. In this topic we will be learning about magnets and forces in Science, designing and making an interactive poster in Design and Technology, and creating a film soundtrack in Music. One of the children’s Willow Lane Passport experiences is to make a robot; we will be making a robot puppet of the iron man out of tin foil and copper coins – look out for The Tin Foil Man when they come to life! We have almost finished reading this novel in class, and the children have really enjoyed acting out different parts of it. We will be looking more in-depth at different sections of the story in Guided Reading and in our English lessons as we build up to writing a new chapter for it.

In Maths we have almost finished our first Maths No Problem text book. Once we have finished learning about measuring length, mass and volume, we will be looking at adding and subtracting money and telling the time to the nearest minute. PE is on Tuesday and Swimming is on a Friday. In PE we are working on different skills and tactics to help us with invasion games. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

This half term we also have a Lancaster University Geography student with us on Wednesdays (Miss Pruzina) who will be helping the children improve their map making and reading skills.

Well done to all the children who have been reading at home regularly. As a reward for all those children who have read regularly at home this half term, they will receive a ticket to watch The Iron Giant at the end of the term in school. Please make sure your child’s reading record is updated when they read at home because this is the only proof we have that they read at home. Thank you for your continued help with this.

Spring 1:

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a great festive break. We’re back with a fantastic topic called ‘Rock and Roll’. We’ll be learning about life in the Stone Age, volcanoes and earthquakes, rocks and fossils and we’ll also be doing a bit of rock ‘n’ roll dancing too! I have started a rock collection in class, any additions to this will be warmly received – if they are particularly special ones, please make sure the children let me know so I can make sure they get returned. I have booked an exciting trip to Ingleborough Caves, but it won’t be until next term as I’m hoping (optimistically) for a greater chance of warmer weather.

In English we have been building up our poetry skills, and creating a poem from the perspective of a mountain. We have also started reading Stig of the Dump in preparation for our creating our own chapter for this novel, later this half-term. There is a TV mini-series and film available on YouTube that the children are encouraged to look at in preparation for this. In Maths, the children have been excellent at keeping up with the Maths No Problem scheme. We have been looking at ways of multiplying and dividing numbers beyond their times table knowledge. We will also be using all the skills learnt so far to solve length, mass and volume problems.

PE is on Tuesday and we are currently learning a rock ‘n’ roll dance to I love to boogie by T-Rex. The children will be then creating their own dance sequences. Swimming is on a Friday. Please ensure your child has their kits on these days. Thank you for your help with this.

Regular reading at home is a massive help for your child, so thank you to everyone who helped encourage your children to do this last half term. Please continue to do this, and we are also encouraging them when in school with different reading challenges and initiatives.

Creative homework is attached with suggestions for what your child can do to extend their learning beyond school. If they have other ideas that I haven’t included, these are most welcome. There have been some fantastic examples already this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing even more this half term. We will continue to send out the maths homework on Wednesday/Thursday. Thank you for your help in supporting your children complete these.

As always, please come and see me if there is anything I can help with or if you just want to have a look at what we’re doing. You are very welcome.

Autumn 2:

Welcome back one and all. Our new topic is Healthy Humans. We will be looking at how humans fit into the rest of the animal kingdom and what humans need to do and eat to be healthy and thrive. We will be designing and making our own picnic that displays what we have learnt about being healthy. This half term we will also be performing a class assembly – watch out for letters and texts for the date and time of the performance.

In English we are looking at fables and we will be creating our own based on one of Aesop’s fables. We will also be looking at letter writing (just in time for those thank you letters at Christmas!) and shape poems later on in the half term. When the children are reading, we have been focusing on how we can tell/work out how characters are feeling or what they might be thinking. In Maths the children have been doing amazingly well at the new scheme of work called Maths No Problem. They have shown a really deep understanding of important aspects of maths so far, and we are currently looking at subtracting.

PE is on Tuesday and we are looking at how we can use our bodies to perform gymnastics routines. Please make sure your child has their PE kit for these days. Swimming is still on a Friday when Mrs Noakes looks after the class. Thank you for helping to remind your children to bring in their kits on these days.

Well done to all the children who achieved their reading challenge last half term. This will continue this half term. I would appreciate your help in ensuring that reading records are updated at home so we know which children are reading regularly. Thank you for your continued help with this.

Last half term there were some wonderful creative homework pieces like castles, maps, posters, witches and many more. With this newsletter there are some more creative homework ideas. All creative homework will be welcome in the last two weeks of half term and I am looking forward to seeing their brilliant creations.

Autumn 1:

Your children have settled in brilliantly to Green Class and you should be really proud of how sensible they’ve been. There have been a lot of changes for them to get used to now they’re in Key Stage 2 and they have done brilliantly at working to what we expect of year 3 children. Our topic this half term is ‘There’s no place like home’ where we will be looking at the county of Lancashire, what towns, cities and famous people it has and how it has changed over the years. We also have a separate science topic called ‘Light and Shadows’ where we will be investigating how we see and how light works.

In English we have started looking at biographies as we are going to be writing our own biography of the England football team because so many are from the north of England. As Lancashire has lots of farmland, this half term our class read will be The Sheep Pig by Dick-King Smith. Later on in the half term we will look at some Lancashire folk tales and then use these to create our own.

In Maths, the children have been excellent at demonstrating and explaining their understanding and reasoning when we have looked at place value within our new Maths No Problem approach. We will continue to look at place value for the next couple of weeks and then we will use this knowledge to help deepen their understanding of addition and subtraction. The children are also doing a times table test every Friday where they have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as they can.

PE is on Tuesday and most children have already brought their kit in – thank you this. We will be looking at another sport that our county is famous for – Cricket! We will use the current Lancashire Cricket hero Jimmy Anderson as our inspiration. Mrs Noakes will be taking the class for swimming every Friday morning, and the first swimming session will be on 14th September. Please ensure they have their swimming kit on Fridays.

We are a ‘Reading School’ and view reading as very important. In Green Class there are two challenges, one in class is about reading different types of books and the other is for reading at home, where children have to read 3 or 4 times a week to build towards a reward. Please help your child to read as much as possible at home and record it in their reading record, thank you.