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Year 2

Autumn 2:

We have had a fantastic start to Year 2. It was great to see all of the creative homework that the children brought in last half term. There were some brilliant models and projects and the children were very excited to share them with the class. They really enjoyed learning more about their local area!

We are continuing to run our Forest Schools lessons which happen every Monday afternoon outside in our wildlife area and school grounds.  So far, almost EVERY Monday afternoon has been wet and windy ,so we have made good use of our new waterproof clothing and wellies!  We offer apologies in advance of more muddy clothes to come I’m afraid.

This half term we will be doing PE on Wednesday and  Friday afternoon so please make sure that PE kit is in school. The children have been doing really well with our ‘Run a Mile’ challenge. They are really keen to get out each day and add laps onto their chart. Some children have already run enough laps to add up to half a marathon! We do try to get out each day and with the weather becoming even wetter you might want to send in a spare pair of shoes for them to run in.

This half term our topic is ‘Fighting Fit’.  Our focus subjects are Science and Art. In Science we will be looking at different ways that we can try to keep healthy. We will be finding out about why our diet is  important and investigating how much sugar there is in different cereals. We will also be thinking about why it is important to keep clean and wash our hands carefully. As part of the topic, in our PE we will be looking at some different types of exercise and thinking about why exercise is good for us. In PE we will be creating sequences in Gymnastics and trying out some Zumba in Dance. This will link to our Music where we will be finding out more about Latin music and using different instruments to create our own rhythms.

In Art we will be looking at drawing people and finding out more about the artist Keith Haring and creating our own versions of his work. We will be drawing each other to show different actions and using our drawings to create some class artwork.

Autumn 1:

We hope that you all had a lovely Summer holiday. The children have been telling us about the exciting things they did over the holidays. It is great to see them all back and ready for Year 2.

Mrs Fish will be teaching Yellow Class all day on a Monday and each morning of the week. Miss Riley will be teaching the class in the afternoons. Other adults working in our class are Mr Higgins, and Mrs Phillips who will be working in class on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We are very excited to be starting our Forest Schools lessons which will be happening every Monday afternoon outside in our wildlife area and school grounds.  We have waterproof suits for everyone and wellies will be arriving soon.  It is hoped that we will be outside every Monday whatever the weather, so please be prepared for some possibly ‘muddier’ clothes than usual if it is wet.  We will be showing our work off on our display board in class so keep a look out to find out what we have been up to.

We will be doing PE on a Friday afternoon so please make sure that PE kit is in school. We will also be doing our ‘Run a Mile’ challenge each day out on the  running track. If your child needs a spare pair of shoes to run in please make sure they are also in school. We have already begun our challenge and the children have been fantastic!

This half term our topic is ‘The Place Where I live’.  Our focus subjects are History and Geography so we will be looking at maps of the area to work out the route we take to school, where different places are on the map and looking at how much the local area has changed. One place that we will be learning more about with our History work is Lancaster Castle. As part of our Topic work we will be going out into the local area just around school and will hopefully be visiting the Castle. A letter will be sent out with more information at the time.  If you have any old photos of the area that you don’t mind us sharing in class it would be great if you could bring them into school.

There are some important words and key vocabulary that we would like you to help your child become familiar with to support our topic this half term.  These are words that they will be expected to read, write and spell correctly.  They can be found on the bottom of the curriculum homework sheet.