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School Development Plan

Every year we focus on key areas to make the school and the education experience even better for all of our children. We are constantly striving to the best for everyone and make these decisions based on school data, questionnaires and local and national initiatives. Last year, our key priorities continued to focus on embedding our new creative curriculum and raising standards for all children. Our successful Ofsted identified and celebrated the successful steps we have made in these areas.

This year, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our key priorities are based around ensuring that our children continue to make progress with their learning despite the global challenges and that our exciting curriculum is maintained. We are also focusing on ensuring that there is smooth transition of leadership.

Key Priorities
Key Priority 1:Our Willow Lane Curriculum is embedded further to ensure that it meets our aims for all children and the current Quality of education requirements.
Key Priority 3:Our teaching and learning focuses on the individual academic and emotional needs of the children in order minimise the impact of COVID19 and catch up on academic progress.
Key Priority 4:Our leaders ensure that changes to leadership continue to ensure effective leadership and management.
Key Priority 5Our subject leaders have increased knowledge of their subject areas to ensure improved assessment and progression of skills as part of an experiential curriculum.