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Year 6

Autumn 2:

Our topic this half-term is ‘Heroes and Villains’, which is a theme running heavily through our English lessons. We will study some of the infamous heroes and villains in various historical Shakespeare texts and more modern adaptions. We will investigate some of the language used to develop emotive performances and write our own pieces in the style of the well-known author. We will also be creating our own information texts about heroes important to us using informative and intriguing features to present what we have learned. Lastly, we will study poems that provide great imagery and create our own using new, inventive vocabulary.

In maths, we will begin our study of decimals by dividing whole numbers, writing fractions as decimals and deepening our knowledge of the relationship between the two formats and then finally multiplying and dividing decimals. After this, we will begin to look at different units of measurement and practise converting length, volume, mass and time.

In science, our topic is ‘Exercise, Health and the Circulatory System’. We will be identifying the key parts of the organs that allow for blood to be pumped around the body and from this, design an investigation to monitor a person’s pulse and how it changes. We will also study what makes a body healthy and unhealthy, such as the key components of a good diet, effective exercise and how drugs and medications alter our body’s functions.

In D.T., we will be designing and making Christmas biscuits with packaging. This will require us to think about what it is made from, who it is for and how it looks, then evaluate how successful our creations are. In ICT,  we will look at how to stay safe online. In PSHE, we will develop our understanding of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing and in art, we will be sketching our own self-portraits and use tools to alter and layer photographs.

Our weekly P.E. lessons have moved to a Thursday afternoon and children will need to come to school wearing suitable PE kit that they will be comfortable in all day.

As always, daily reading at home is vital and children will receive Tula points towards our end-of-term film treat. Out of a possible 34 points, children need 27 in order to attend the treat.

KEY VOCABULARY: heart, pulse, rate, pumps, blood, blood vessels, transported, lungs, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, water, muscles, cycle, circulatory system, diet, exercise, drugs, lifestyle

Autumn 1:

Our topic this half-term is ‘Survival’, which has a scientific focus of evolution and inheritance. The children will look at inherited traits, variation between siblings and adaption of different species for survival through time,

Our focus of ’Survival’ also flows through our English topic as we look at the novel ‘Gold of the Gods’ by Bear Grylls in order to write our own survival stories and investigate new vocabulary and features along the way. To support our learning, Ross McWilliam, the author of CUPPA, our guided reading book, will be coming into class to give a writing workshop. A survival day in our wildlife area has been organised for later in the half-term.

In maths, we have looked at the place value of seven digit numbers, study the rules that determine how a calculation is worked out and apply our knowledge to worded problems. Towards the end of the half-term, we will move to look at fractions, looking at comparing, multiplying and dividing.

In geography, our focus is ‘Earthquakes and Tsunamis’, beginning with the study of the countries of the famous ‘Ring of Fire’, an area known for its high volume of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. We will also look at what causes these natural disasters and investigate how countries use preventative methods as well as deal with the aftermath.

Our weekly P.E. lesson will be on a Friday afternoon, where children will need to come to school wearing suitable PE kit. As the weather gets colder, jumpers and jogging bottoms will be needed as our lessons will be outside.

Homework will be given out to the children each Thursday and it will be their responsibility to return their completed pieces to school by the following Tuesday. This gives them Friday and Monday to ask if there is anything they are unsure of, so we encourage it to be looked at and completed as soon as possible in case there is any difficulty. Children will write the page numbers they have been set in their reading record.

As always, reading at home is vital and the children of Violet Class are responsible for ensuring they are reading daily, completing their reading record accordingly and making sure their book is in school each day to win Tula points to receive rewards.

KEY VOCABULARY: evolution, adaption, inheritance, variation, trait, DNA, characteristic, tsunami, earthquake, Richter scale, epicentre, devastation, tectonic plate