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Year 6

Spring 1:

Happy new year to all children, parents and carers in Violet class!

This term is very important for year 6 and our SATs preparation. Children will be taking part in booster classes this term. An experienced teacher, Mrs Manklow, is working with us for three afternoons a week helping children achieve their very best in reading, writing and maths. Booster groups – which link to the curriculum and age expectations for Year 6 – are also being run by Mr MacKinnon, Mrs Noakes and myself. Please help your child to have an energy filled breakfast and get to school on time throughout this busy term.

Miss Frankland is teaching us all about the Vikings this term. We are learning about the life of a Viking, raiding and settling in England, weaponry and battle techniques. Mrs Noakes is helping us to draw, design and create dragon heads in art. We will be taking part in an exciting hands on weapon workshop later this term as learning through handling artefacts is a powerful way of understanding what historic times were really like.

In English we are reading Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. We will use the rich descriptive passages from the book to create our own chapter about Gunnar and his quest to avenge his father. Book week begins on the 29th January—don’t forget the Book Fair will be here!

Science is Light and Shadow. We will find out how we see objects, how mirrors work and solve puzzles to see objects which are behind us or around a corner. We will look at how light behaves through a series of hands on experiments.

PE has moved to Wednesdays and Fridays. Children need a t-shirt, shorts and pumps/trainers in school all term. We are continuing to run a mile as often as possible too and many of our children have already run more than the equivalent of a marathon!

Autumn 2:

Welcome to Christmas term! We start the term with nearly half the class performing at the Grand Theatre as part of the Shakespeare School Festival which leads excellently into our new topic, Heroes and Villains.

In English we will spend the beginning of term looking at Shakespeare’s Macbeth before moving on to write an informative persuasion text about Health Heroes. This links to our science work on the circulatory system, body heroes and villains and the effects of exercise on our bodies.

In art we are learning about pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and using his work to inspire hero and villain portraits. Mrs Noakes will be teaching Design Technology, looking at biscuits and their packaging. We will design and make our biscuits towards the end of term.

Religion will focus on why Christians celebrate Christmas and link with our English work on Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. PE this term will be Hockey (Tuesday) and Gymnastics (Thursday). Please note we do not have spare PE kits in school, your child must have their own kit in school to take part.

Violet class are looking at staying safe online and cyber bullying this term. As part of this work we will have a visit from a local Magistrate who will tell us about laws and how our lives can be affected if we break them.

Well done everyone for reading regularly at home and getting your homework handed in on time. It was fabulous to see so many of you taking part in our Creative Homework challenges last term—keep up the great work! Children are expected to read at least four times a week and record this in their journals. Maths and/or Grammar is set on Fridays and expected in by the following Wednesday. Homework should be completed neatly in blue/black ink or pencil and be your child’s best work. Thank you for supporting your child with their homework.

Autumn 1:

Welcome to Year 6! We are so excited to work with the new Violet Class and have lots of fun activities planned for our first half term. The Year 6 team consists of Claire Clarke, Maria Noakes and Paul Shipton. Mrs Noakes will teach the class when I am out of class.

In Year 6 you need a book bag or rucksack in school every day with your reading book and homework diary. If you wish to bring a pencil case you may do however we will provide you with all the stationery you will need for lessons.

In Year 6 we expect children to read at home at least 4 times a week and record this in their homework diaries. Maths and Grammar homework will be set on Fridays to hand in by the following Wednesday. Creative homework is given out at the beginning of each term and each child should try to produce at least one piece of work. Please support your child to remember to complete their homework tasks on time.

Our topic links to English, Science, Geography and Art this term. We begin by finding out about early man and their survival. This links to learning about the evolution of species and inheritance of characteristics. We will look at how animals and plants are adapted to survive in their habitats. We will create animal camouflage art and learn about stone age drawings. We will discover the continents, oceans and temperature zones by looking at how man has moved around the globe in the past. We will use IT to show this term’s learning through multimedia presentations. Furthermore, on Thursday 21st September, Year 6 will take part in a hands on Stone Age Day run by WoodMatters.

‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver is our class text and we will be writing about the main characters, Torak and Renn, for the beginning of term. We will move on to learning about balanced arguments through the animated film, The Croods.