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Year 6

Autumn 1:

Welcome to Violet Class! It’s great to see all of the children back after the summer break and good to see that Violet Class is ready for a new school year at Willow Lane. The Year 6 team this year consists of Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Powell and we will also have Mrs. Benefer working with us at different points throughout the year. Everyone is settling in well and we are excited for this half term’s topic of ‘Survival’!

Survival! As part of our survival topic we have lots of fun activities planned. Our topic links to English, Science, Geography, and Art. We will be looking at countries, continents and biomes around the world and locating them using maps, globes and atlases. This will help us to think about the different environments and how animals are adapted to survive in them. We will also be using I pads to research these environments in more detail and also think about the human features of them, such as tourism. In English we will be reading the book and watching the film of ‘The Croods’ in order to help us to write discussion texts about whether ‘The Croods’ should leave their cave. Linking with this we will also be having a ‘Surviving the Stone Age’ workshop outside in the wildlife area. (More details to follow.) Finally we will be creating art inspired by camouflage. Within this topic the children will be introduced to and using subject specific vocabulary. I would be extremely grateful if you could discuss the following words with your child at home and see if they can tell you what they mean and if they can have a go at spelling them!

‘Adaptation’ ‘Evolution’ ‘Survival’ ‘’ ‘Biomes’ ‘Inherited’ ‘Predator’ ‘Mutation’ ‘Species’ ‘Trait’ ‘Variation’ ‘Consumer’ ‘Offspring’

Please encourage your child to have a look at the creative homework ideas that are given and choose one that they would like to complete. We look forward to sharing with the rest of the school what the children produce! I would also appreciate it if you could encourage your child to read daily and record what they have read in their diaries. Our reward this half term is ‘Tarquin’s Treat’. Please ask your child for more details! This year the children will be given two pieces of homework on a Friday. The homework will consist of one piece of Maths and one piece which is Grammar, Punctuation or Spelling related. Please could your child return their homework by Wednesday of the following week.

PE The children will have their PE lessons on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Kit will therefore need to be in school on these days or your child will not be able to take part.