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Wearing school uniform helps children to be part of something special – Willow Lane School. Specific items of uniform can be purchased through the school office (*) whilst others can be picked up from wherever one shops.

Our school uniform is:

  • Navy Blue logo sweatshirt *
  • Yellow logo polo shirt *
  • Black/grey trousers or skirt
  • Black shoes
  • Summer dresses – yellow or blue check

Children will also need a book bag *, PE t-shirt * and PE shorts *. Children are allocated a ‘team’ when they join the school and their PE t-shirt will be red, yellow, green or blue accordingly. Pumps are also needed for PE lessons. Children who go swimming (Years 3 to 6) will also need a swimming costume, towel and swimming hat for long hair.

Please note that for safety reasons the only jewellery which is allowed is single ear studs and children must be able to remove these for PE lessons.

Please label all school uniform to avoid it creating a mountain of lost property.