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At Willow Lane one of our key drivers of our curriculum is active learning, therefore we have adopted an ‘active’ uniform. This means we can be active with our children at any time and it reduces uniform costs for our children. There is no specific ‘PE uniform’ as we are active all the time!

Willow Lane’s school uniform consists of the following:

  • School logo navy sweatshirt, cardigan, hoody or fleece*.
  • Yellow polo shirt.
  • Plain black (no logos) leggings or jogging bottoms or shorts/ skorts (weather permitting)
  • Plain black trainers

Swimming caps are necessary for any boy or girl with hair long enough to go in their eyes in those classes attending swimming lessons in key stage 2 .

All items listed can be purchased at our suppliers in Lancaster – The Uniform and Leisurewear Company.

You can purchase school uniform in store at 15 Common Garden Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XD. This is opposite the bus stops at the back of Primark.  They are open 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday and will have some later opening hours during August in the run up to schools starting back in September.

You can also order online at Uniform and Leisure Shop or you can call them on 01524 388355 and speak to the store directly.

All uniform needs to have your child’s name clearly written/sewn in as lost property is very hard to reunite with its rightful owner.

As we use our outdoor space regularly, it is advisable that your child has a coat in school for bad weather.

We would prefer that children do not wear earrings in school.  If they do, please ensure that they wear only one pair of studs that they are able to remove and replace by themselves for PE and swimming lessons. During the first 6 weeks, your child will need to be provided with plasters from home to cover the studs during PE lessons. Our advice is to have piercings done at the start of the summer holidays to avoid any issues during term time.

We also ask that all children tie their hair up if it is long enough to do so.