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Academic Results

Schools have a duty to report on how well children have achieved at key milestones.

  • Early Years: At the end of the Reception Year (Red Class) children are measured at a Good level of Development (GLD). This is a percentage of how many children have achieved age expectations or above in physical, emotional as well as academic measures.
  • Year 1 Phonics: At the end of Year 1 (Orange Class) children take part in a phonics check to see how well they know their sounds and letters.
  • Key Stage 1: At the end of Year 2 (Yellow Class) children are assessed by their teacher. This assessment includes a sensitively delivered Reading, Grammar, Writing and Mathematics test. The current system of ‘expected standard’ has replaced the previous system of ‘levels’.
  • Year 4: From Summer 2020, children in Year 4 (Blue Class) will take an online Multiplication Tables Check.
  • Key Stage 2: At the end of Year 6 (Violet Class) children sit timed exams (SATs) in Reading, Mathematics and GPS (Grammar Punctuation and Spelling – sometimes known as SPAG). They are also assessed by their teacher on their Writing. The current system of ‘scaled scores’ and ‘expected standard’ has replaced the previous system of ‘levels’.

The school’s academic performance data (this is for 2018 to 19) can be found on the following pages and on the DfE site at

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no statutory outcomes data for 2019 to 20.