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Year 1

Autumn 2:

For this half term, our topic is ‘Fire! Fire!’ and as usual we have lots of creative and exciting things planned! In History, we will be reporters and we will be finding out as much as we can about the Great Fire of London.  This will lead onto the children writing a newspaper article about what happened in 1666.  We will also be visiting the fire station to compare modern fire-fighting methods to those they would have used in the past.  In Art, the children will be using pastels and charcoal to draw Tudor houses and will then make 3D houses out of junk.  We will then be taking the boxes outside to recreate the Great Fire of London!

In English, we will be reading ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell and learning lots of exciting vocabulary to use in our dragon story!  Every day the children will have guided reading as it is so important that your child reads as often as possible.  We have a reading challenge in Orange Class this half-term so please make sure that you write a comment and initial their reading diaries so that we can keep a record of how often they are reading. As mathematicians we will be using numbers to help us to solve problem and we will also be learning about fractions, telling the time and money. In Music this term we will be listening to lots of different music about fire.  We will be learning to rehearse and perform our own version of ‘London’s Burning’.  In Science we will be using the Wildlife area to record changes in the weather and the environment around us for our nature journals.

This term we have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday morning.   Please could you ensure that their P.E. kit is in school on these days. The children have had such a resilient attitude towards running a mile a day and it has been amazing to see how much they have improved over the last few weeks.  Please ensure your child has suitable footwear (trainers/pumps) to run in every day.

Autumn 1:

Welcome to Orange Class! I have been very much looking forward to joining Orange Class and it is nice to see that the children have settled into their new class and are ready to learn. I will be teaching alongside our wonderful teaching assistants Mrs Miller and Mr Cooper.

Our topic this half term is ‘Amazing Animals’ and the children are very keen to find out lots of interesting facts about animals around the world. They have also enjoyed playing in our new role play area which will support the children’s learning and ensure a smooth transition in KS1. We also have a new ‘Lego Lab’ which we are very excited about and the story scenes will encourage rich language which will in turn help their story-writing.

In English this term we will be reading ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and we will be using lots of drama to inspire us to write our own animal stories. We will also be guided reading everyday as it is so important that your child reads as often as possible. Reading plays such an important part of a child’s learning so please try and support your child to read at home every day. Children will also be developing their reading and writing skills through daily phonics sessions following the Letters and Sounds scheme.

We will be creating clay penguins and sunset pictures and learning how to use different shades and tones. As mathematicians we will be looking at numbers and using different resources to help us to understand the value of tens and units. The children will be exploring different kinds of maps and looking at hot and cold places in the world. As scientists we will be learning about the features of animals and we are creating a nature diary to enable the children to record first-hand their observations of the seasons. The children will also be spending one afternoon a week in the Wildlife area using natural materials and the outdoor space to support their creative learning.

We have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday so please ensure that their P.E. kit is in school on these days. This year we are continuing the challenge of running a mile a day, which was great fun last year. Please make your child has suitable footwear (black trainers/shoes) to run in every day