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Year 4

Autumn 1:

Welcome back! I hope that everyone had an amazing Summer break and is ready and recharged for another fantastic year at Willow Lane! Your teachers this year are Mr Miller, Mrs Shepherd and Miss Newton.

Our topic this half-term is “Sparks Might Fly” and is full of fascinating learning opportunities that the children are really keen to get started with. In our English lessons we are going to be learning about Explanations, Narrative and Film-scripts, specifically the incredible novel, “The Firework Maker’s Daughter” which ties together our main themes of invention and creativity beautifully. We will explore circuitry in Science as we create our own, Wallace and Gromit inspired contraptions and use our Design lessons to ensure that their form matches their function. Our theme of electricity continues into Music wherein we will listen to and compose our own pieces of electronic music and also computing, in which we will use the program Scratch to create circuit-based programs.

To support us in all of this learning, reading at home continues to be hugely important. Great readers make great writers and the benefits to vocabulary building, fluency and confidence with language that come from even 10 minutes of reading a night are immense so let’s get everyone on the reading train!