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Year 4

Autumn 2:

Thank you for a brilliant first half-term in Year 4! We have had a fantastic time researching, investigating and experimenting with electricity, with some fantastic creative homework coming in at the end of last half-term.

During this half-term, our new and exciting topic is ‘the Great Plague’ where we will analyse the gory and disgusting history of London in 1665. We will look at the causes, cures, detrimental effects and ultimate ending of the epidemic. Later in the term, we will be visited by ‘Professor Tuesday’, who will take the children on an interactive journey to explore the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London, which we are extremely excited about.

Also, we will be looking at some of the aspects of the plague through our art lessons, where we will study the resulting skulls left behind and how they have been used as inspiration to create art by some artists through history. We aim to use a variety of mediums and experiment with different textures over the course of the rest of the term.

In English, we will be looking a the features of fairy tales, investing historical English vocabulary and creating our own tales based on ’the Pied Piper of Hamelin’. This will also continue into our study of classic, narrative poetry, where we will analyse and perform a poem of the same name by Robert Browning. We will then be looking at recounts of events through the form of newspaper articles where the children can explore their own journalistic feats about our topic. In our geography lessons, we will discuss and analyse a variety of maps, the human geography of the UK and how rubbish and recycling is currently affecting our country. In maths, we are studying multiplication and division, including the understanding of our times tables in different forms, instant recall of facts, multiplying and dividing by two and three-digit numbers and applying this knowledge with word problems.

As always, reading at home is encouraged to help build vocabulary and understanding of the world. The learning benefits of regular reading enormous and your help in this at home is invaluable.